Long Project 2: Hand Motion Controlled Car

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Download the video from Internet Archive.

In this video, one of the student teams demonstrates their project, a gesture controlled car. Unfortunately, they were not able to integrate the entire project, but they have all the different working parts for the project. This shows us it is important to learn how to collaborate. Most of us have all the “tech skills” requried, however if we cannot collaborate with the team, our efforts will go in vain. That being, said the team did a great job of trying to take on an ambitious project.

SPEAKER 1: --project what we decided to do was make a remote control car. And in theory, what this is supposed to be able to do was use this accelerometer, and you controlled it forward, backwards, left and right. And it'll tell the car which way to move.

So there's a lot of different working parts. We're able to make the car move forward, backwards, left, and right. We're able to have it send signals, and we're able to have it recognize the accelerometer. But unfortunately, in the short time frame, we weren't able to put all three together. But we can show you the separate parts working.

SPEAKER 2: Just this transmitter and the receiver that's not working right now. Everything else is working. And then you have an ultrasound to stop before we get to something. I don't know if you reset the data, accelerometer actually working. If you move this around [INTERPOSING VOICES] you--

SPEAKER 1: See it on this screen.

SPEAKER 2: Go left, stop, go left, go right. I mean, the printing, it's not working, so you turn this around to generate right, turn left, forward, stop. But this guy does not understand this. Somehow it didn't get them to communicate with each other. For example, they communicated-- for example, you telling the car to go forward, stop for a few seconds, and then turn left, and then stop, and then turn right.

SPEAKER 1: And it uses these two radio sensors.

SPEAKER 2: OK. For example, they communicate. OK, and now this one.

SPEAKER 1: Actually, you want to demo the car. We put it somewhere it should be able to-- we just had it going-- if we put it on the floor, will you be able to capture it?



SPEAKER 2: OK. So if you connect it will start go.

SPEAKER 1: OK. So we just have a preset program on the car so you can see it in motion. So pull it guys to go get that now. So as soon as I plug it in, it should start moving.

SPEAKER 4: Nice.

SPEAKER 5: It does wheelies.

SPEAKER 1: Swing the car again.

SPEAKER 4: Sure.

SPEAKER 1: Repeat it in a second. Watch out. Sorry.

SPEAKER 6: Is the ultrasonic sensor important to get, or is that next round?

SPEAKER 2: Yes, it is. The only thing is that because you want it to, from the accelerometer, tell this guy to go forward, and then we have the ultrasound in that loop. Like if he receives the action, work, but for the presets, no. The preset is just to show you that--