Long Project 3: LED Framed Light Display Part 1

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Download the video from Internet Archive.

In this video, one of the student teams demonstrates their project, a framed LED display. This is a good example of pre-planning, as the team made sure to order enough components to be able to make one of the frames for each of the students in the team. This is the first part of the project demonstration.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: Basically just a programmable visualizer that uses an LED array and Arduino. So basically we wanted to be able to have cool mounting art that's moving on our walls. And it can display all sorts of things-- basically anything we want it to. But for now we'll just do a little demo of what it looks like in kind of a really colorful pattern.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: And these are four separate ones, so they're not connected to just one Arduino, because we all wanted to take one home. There are also four of us in the group, and so we're going to put them all in.


GUEST SPEAKER 2: So we made variations of each one. This is a standalone. This is like one of the bigger versions.

And then these are smaller versions that can be-- I guess these three can fit into photo frames. And you can program different things to put on it if you want to, so we were exploring some software with that.

So I think Alex just put fire on these two--

GUEST SPEAKER 1: On this one.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: On this one. So it should kind of simulate a fire, like, a flickering flame-ish. It's not that great resolution, just because it's like one LED per square inch. It looks cool under paper.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: [INAUDIBLE] the fire on this one.

AUDIENCE: So [INAUDIBLE] is there just a piece of paper on top of them?

GUEST SPEAKER 2: Oh, yeah.


GUEST SPEAKER 1: The original plan is actually to have it in a frame with frosted glass. They were ordered. I don't think they came though, unfortunately, but this will do for now. But it's cool, because we'll be able to use these for anything from data visualization, like stocks or something, or just like nice artwork.

And you could draw on the paper as well, technically, and fill it in with the--