Long Project 3: LED Framed Light Display Part 2

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Download the video from Internet Archive.

In this video, one of the student teams demonstrates their project, a framed LED display. This is a good example of pre-planning, as the team made sure to order enough components to be able to make one of the frames for each of the students in the team. This is the second part of the project demonstration.





AUDIENCE: What [INAUDIBLE] did you guys use different color LEDs?

GUEST SPEAKER: We used new pixel.

AUDIENCE: To add the color?

GUEST SPEAKER: Yeah. As well as a couple of other ones and then we--



AUDIENCE: I don't know if this is a question you guys can answer, but do you guys think that if the paper, the surfaced in which things are being projected through or reflected is either red, blue, or green, could you hide some things and show some others, you know what I mean?

GUEST SPEAKER: To an extent, I think. But it depends also what kind of material you would use.


GUEST SPEAKER: To an extent, but it wouldn't be as effective as basically using the codes that turn on and off. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah.