Short Project 1: Arduino Pinball

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Download the video from Internet Archive.

In this video, one of the student teams demonstrates their project, an Arduino Baseball game. Components used - Arduino UNO, Potentiometer, Jumpers, Breadboard and Cardboard.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: So we built a game. It's a baseball game, so you have control over this bat using a potentiometer, and it swings. Use it to hit the ball.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: So this ball, it's really irregular because it's just made of tape. But Ideally, you'd have an actual sphere.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: And-- oops-- and that's a strike.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: Strike. And then it comes out of a bar or two which can't see. But both the home run and a strike will empty out into this chute down here below the table.

GUEST SPEAKER 3: Oh, it went a little too far down.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: It's all good.

GUEST SPEAKER 3: Which spin was it?

GUEST SPEAKER 1: Oh, yeah. OK, if you get a home run-- go ahead. It's a very difficult game.



GUEST SPEAKER 1: Woo! We got a home run.

GUEST SPEAKER 3: And then there's a tap sensor here. So she scored a home run and it displays one. And now it's displaying much more than that.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: So where's it-- it's a prototype.


GUEST SPEAKER 4: Activate LEDs the first time. But the models were really unreliable, because just by moving the bread board it would activate and deactivate. And by moving the buttons, it would turn on and off the LEDs. Or not turn the LEDs, even if the button was pressed. So that was really hard, and that's why we switched to the [INAUDIBLE].