Short Project 5: Infrared Lock

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Download the video from Internet Archive.

In this video, one of the student teams demonstrates their project, an IR bike lock. The bike lock can be triggered using an infrared remote control. Components: IR receivers, IR remote control, LEDs, Cardboard, Arduino UNO, Breadboard.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: IR bike lock.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: Or... an IR light, so we just combined it all into one. So if you want to unlock this remotely and you hit the wrong button, you're going to get blinking lights. Nothing's going to happen.

But if you want to actually unlock it, you aim. The light goes on so you can see. And now you've unlocked your bike.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: And then you can lock it.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: If you want to lock it back up--


--light goes off, and you'll--

GUEST SPEAKER 1: And the other buttons are kind of reminiscent of if someone using the different key or different remote control, it's not the right one.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: So nothing else will set it off.


GUEST SPEAKER 3: If you push a button, it sends the specific hex code. So if we program in-- if we program, the program takes up the right hex code, then it will open up and close.

PROFESSOR: There's a IR tech standard.

GUEST SPEAKER 3: Yeah. So there's specific libraries for each remote. And as long as you have that library installed, it'll understand each you've sent in.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: But the easiest way to figure out what the hex code is, is just shining it on, putting it on the serial monitor and figuring out what the hex code is. We also built a emitter, but it wasn't as nice. So we just decided to go with the preset remote.


GUEST SPEAKER 2: It did work at one point in time as well.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: We know that struggle.