Short Project 8: Plant People

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Download the video from Internet Archive.

In this video, one of the student teams demonstrates theidr project, Plant People. A moisture sensor is used to with a potted plant, to sense the moisture level in the soil. Depending upon the amount of moisture content in the soil, the Arduino alerts the user to water the plant. Components: Arduino, RGB LED, Soil Moisture level sensor.

AUDIENCE: That was awesome, but my card was stolen.


GUEST SPEAKER 1: So this is the Soil Moisture Inversion Level Estimator, or SMILE, for short, and it will keep your plants happy.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: By telling you when your soil is too wet, too dry, or just right. So it uses an RGB LED, and any soil moisture sensor.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: And here's how it works,

GUEST SPEAKER 2: So just water turns blue, and that's too wet.

GUEST SPEAKER 1: It says "Gone Fishing" in the silly monitor.


GUEST SPEAKER 2: Moist soil will turn green if you stick it in all the way. And then it says-- what does it say?

GUEST SPEAKER 2: I feel good.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: I feel good, so you don't need to water your plant. And then completely dry soil is red, and it says--

GUEST SPEAKER 1: I'm thirsty.

GUEST SPEAKER 2: Water me, I'm thirsty.