2017 l'École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Student Projects

MITRES_3_004F17_25_anon-th.jpg Quantum Time Evolution Using the Split Operator Fourier Transform Algorithm (notebook & videos in English and German)

vizualization of tight binding Tight Binding Model (notebook & video)

crystal model Crystallography (notebook & video)

energy surface diagram Potential Energy Surfaces (notebook & videos in English and Catalan)

Brillouin model 2D Brillouin Zones (notebook & video)

crystal group Crystallographic Point Groups (notebook & video)

crystal structure A Basic and Fun Introduction to Crystalline Structures (notebook & videos in English and Spanish)

heat transfer diagram Heat Transfer in a Material (notebooks & videos in English and French)

visualization of Mohr's circles Mohr's Circles (notebook & video)