Comments Policy for YouTube and Social Media

We encourage constructive comments and discussion on OpenCourseWare’s YouTube and other social media channels. While we do not automatically remove comments that are critical or negative, personal attacks, hate speech, trolling, and inappropriate comments are not allowed and may be removed.

Some of the reasons we may remove comments

  • Personal attacks on anyone including commenters, faculty, students, and contributors
  • Hate speech or aggressive negative commentary
  • Inappropriate comments or jokes about appearance, speech, clothing, etc.
  • Anything generally mean-spirited or inappropriate
  • Obvious spam or posts trying to sell anything
  • Profanity in any language

Flagged comments held for review

If your comment does not immediately appear it may have been automatically flagged by YouTube for review, especially if it includes profanity or links to a third party website. Flagged comments will be published if the moderators deem them appropriate for a public educational platform.