1. Introduction


Figure 1.1.1 - Sample screen shot

1.1 Abstract

The objective of this project is to create a program that will provide users with a database of [searchable] steel cross-sections and their corresponding geometric properties.

The program, it's source code, as well as it's documentation, can all be downloaded free of cost by any individual or corporation.  The authors' intend this to be an "open source" product, available for modification and expansion to suit any user's needs. 

The program is written in JAVA AWT to ensure that it can be run on as wide a variety of platforms as possible. It can be run as an applet on any web-browser without having to download or install programs locally.  The program is build as a package and can be fully integrated in other Java applications. JAVA is also a true object-oriented language; programs in this language are relatively simple and robust.

1.2 The functionnality of the steel section database

1.2.1 Displaying the properties of a section.

Users can choose a section and display its properties, by selecting the menu the following way: Options->Choose Sections.

1.2.2 Comparing two sections.

Users can compare two sections, by selecting the menu the following way twice: Options->Choose Sections. Moreover, given a section S1 (e.g., beam W1100x390) and a type of section TS (e.g., section C), the program will provide the section of type TS (C) whose section modulus is the closest to that of section S1 (in our example: C380x74).

1.2.3 Retrieving sections according to chosen properties

Users can retrieve sections according to given properties, by selecting the menu the following way: Options->Search Sections.