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About the Bronx River Alliance
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The Bronx River Alliance is the entity that coordinates and manages the New York City Bronx River corridor and greenway. It is an incorporated not-for-profit organization and its Executive Director also serves as the Bronx River Administrator, a New York City Department of Parks & Recreation position.

Its mission is to serve as a coordinated voice for the river and work in harmonious partnership to protect, improve and restore the Bronx River corridor and greenway so that they can be healthy ecological, recreational, educational and economic resources for the communities through which the river flows.” (1)

The Alliance's objectives are to (16):
•  Manage, with the City of New York Department of Parks & Recreation, the New York City Bronx River corridor and greenway, implement small scale restoration projects and support community-led or sponsored restoration and development projects
•  Coordinate the implementation of a continuous Bronx River greenway from the New York City border to the East River and coordinate with Westchester to make critical greenway linkages
•  Provide technical assistance and support to community-based efforts to organize around the Bronx River
•  Develop Bronx River curricula and train teachers to bring the Bronx River into the classroom and promote the Bronx River as an outdoor classroom
•  Coordinate a Bronx River Watershed monitoring program to collect and share watershed quality data and to identify and address watershed quality problems

The Bronx River Alliance is composed of the Executive Director/Administrator, a Board of Directors, the staff of the Alliance, and member organizations. The Board has 25 voting members comprised of four officers and two individuals representing each of the four program areas of the Alliance: Education, Ecology, Greenway and Outreach. Up to 17 additional voting board members may be selected by a two-thirds vote by the Board. The Board also consists of non-voting ex-officio members including the Bronx Borough President, the Commissioner of New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and the New York City Councilmembers representing the districts directly adjacent to the river.

For current projects, please see the Bronx River Alliance's website at:
For interviews with members of the Alliance, please see the Bronx River virtual tour.