Module move :: Class MoveToDynamicPoint
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Class MoveToDynamicPoint

sm.SM --+

Drive to a goal point in the frame defined by the odometry. Goal points are part of the input, in contrast to MoveToFixedPoint, which takes a single goal point at initialization time.

Assume inputs are (util.Point, io.SensorInput) pairs

This is really a pure function machine; defining its own class, though, so we can easily modify the parameters.

Instance Methods
getNextValues(self, state, inp)
Default version of this method.

Inherited from sm.SM: check, doTraceTasks, done, getStartState, guaranteeName, isDone, printDebugInfo, run, start, step, transduce, transduceF

Class Variables
  forwardGain = 1.0
Gain for driving forward
  rotationGain = 0.5
Gain for rotating
  maxVel = 0.5
Maximum velocity
  angleEps = 0.1
Tolerance for angles

Inherited from sm.SM: legalInputs, name, startState

Instance Variables

Inherited from sm.SM: state

Method Details

getNextValues(self, state, inp)


Default version of this method. If a subclass only defines getNextState, then we assume that the output of the machine is the same as its next state.

Overrides: sm.SM.getNextValues
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