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Class StateEstimatorTriggered

     sm.SM --+    
StateEstimator --+

Like StateEstimator, but the inputs are (observation, action, trigger). If trigger is True then do the state update, otherwise, just pass the state through. Output is belief state, and a boolean indicating whether an update was just done.

Instance Methods
getNextValues(self, state, inp)
Default version of this method.

Inherited from StateEstimator: __init__

Inherited from sm.SM: check, doTraceTasks, done, getStartState, guaranteeName, isDone, printDebugInfo, run, start, step, transduce, transduceF

Class Variables

Inherited from sm.SM: legalInputs, name

Instance Variables

Inherited from StateEstimator: startState

Method Details

getNextValues(self, state, inp)


Default version of this method. If a subclass only defines getNextState, then we assume that the output of the machine is the same as its next state.

  • state - Distribution over states of the subject machine, represented as a dist.Dist object
  • inp - A pair (o, i) of the observation (output) and input of the subject machine on this time step.
Overrides: sm.SM.getNextValues
(inherited documentation)