Module seGraphics :: Class StateEstimator
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Class StateEstimator

            sm.SM --+    
seFast.StateEstimator --+

By default, this is the same as seFast.StateEstimator. If the attributes observationHook or beliefHook are defined, then as well as doing getNextValues from seFast.StateEstimator, it calls the hooks.

Instance Methods
getNextValues(self, state, inp)
Default version of this method.

Inherited from seFast.StateEstimator: __init__

Inherited from sm.SM: check, doTraceTasks, done, getStartState, guaranteeName, isDone, printDebugInfo, run, start, step, transduce, transduceF

Class Variables

Inherited from sm.SM: legalInputs, name

Instance Variables

Inherited from seFast.StateEstimator: startState

Method Details

getNextValues(self, state, inp)


Default version of this method. If a subclass only defines getNextState, then we assume that the output of the machine is the same as its next state.

  • state - Distribution over states of the subject machine, represented as a dist.Dist object
  • inp - A pair (o, a) of the input and output of the subject machine on this time step. If this parameter is None, then no update occurs and the state is returned, unchanged.
Overrides: sm.SM.getNextValues
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