Package battlecode.common

Interface Summary
GameConstants Defines constants that affect gameplay.
GameObject A GameObject instance represents an object in the game world.
Robot A Robot instance represents a robot in the game world.
RobotController A RobotController allows contestants to make their robot sense and interact with the game world.

Class Summary
Clock A robot's internal clock, used for measuring "time" in bytecodes and rounds.
MapLocation This class is an immutable representation of two-dimensional coordinates in the battlecode world.
RobotInfo Struct that stores basic information that was 'sensed' of another Robot.

Enum Summary
Direction This enumeration represents a direction from one MapLocation to another.
GameActionExceptionType Enumerates the possible errors in GameWorld interactions that cause a GameActionException to be thrown.
RobotLevel This enumeration distinguishes objects that are on the ground, or in the encampment level at a given location.
Team This enum represents the team of a GameObject; each GameObject has exactly one team.
TerrainTile Represents data of the terrain of a location on the map.

Exception Summary
GameActionException An exception caused by a robot's interaction with the game world.