Field Mapping Applet.

SUBJECT: Mapping Fields Applet

NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet to view this simulation!

DESCRIPTION: This applet allows you to see how various analytic functions look in a "grass seeds" representation, letting you visualize the functions more clearly. You can also explore the set of curves which are perpendicular to your analytic function (these are equipotentials if the your function corresponds to an electrostatic field). Enter the x-component of your analytic function in the left text box, using standard convections (i.e. "*" for multiplicaton, "/" for division, "^" for exponents). Enter the y-component of your analytic function in the right text box. Then choose either "grass seeds" or "equipotentials" depending on what you want displayed.

VISUALIZATION: Start Simulation (you must have Java™ J2SE v1.4+ JRE installed. Mac OS X users need the Java3D update.)