The quizzes in this section are presented in one of three formats: questions and solutions are in separate files, questions and solutions are combined in the same file, or the questions are provided with no accompanying solutions.

2003 Practice Quiz 1 (with solutions) (PDF)  
2003 Quiz 1 (with solutions) (PDF)  
2003 Quiz 2 (with solutions) (PDF)  
2003 Quiz 3 (PDF)  
2002 Quiz 1 (PDF)  
2002 Quiz 2 (with solutions) (PDF)  
2002 Quiz 3 (PDF)  
2001 Quiz 1 (PDF) Quiz01_1_1.m (M)
Quiz01_1_2.m (M)
Quiz01_1_3.m (M)
Quiz01_1_4.m (M)
Quiz01_1_5.m (M)
2001 Quiz 2 (with solutions) (PDF) Quiz01_2sol.m (M)
2001 Practice Quiz 3 (with solutions) (PDF)  
2001 Another Practice Quiz 3 (with solutions) (PDF)  
2000 Quiz 1 (PDF) Quiz00_1.m (M)
2000 Quiz 2 (PDF)  
2000 Quiz 3 (PDF)  

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