1.018J | Fall 2009 | Undergraduate

Ecology I: The Earth System


1 Introduction: what is ecology? Term project out    
2 Evolution of Earth and the biosphere   Homework 1 out MIT libraries
3 How to be alive/thermodynamics of life Term project topic due  

CI lecture: getting started with the term project

Lecturer: Harlan Breindel, MIT Writing Center

Term project topic back   Literature reviews and TA review of materials
5 Primary productivity I    
6 Primary productivity II   Homework 1 due Review for quiz
7 Biogeochemical cycles Term project description due  
8 Global carbon cycle   Homework 1 back Figures and technical writing, TA review
9 Quiz 1 Term project description back Homework 2 out
10 Limiting factors and Redfield     No recitation
11 Ecosystem experiments/geoengineering Term project introduction due   CI: lecture
12 Secondary productivity/food webs    
13 Population growth Term project introduction back Homework 2 due Review for quiz
14 Chemostats/life tables    
15 Human population growth Term project proposal due Homework 2 back Breindel: revising a document
16 Quiz 2   Homework 3 out
17 Competition and the niche     Breindel: structuring and oral presentation
18 Predation/symbiosis/mutualism Term project proposal back  
19 Biogeography     Review for quiz

A thought experiment in sustainability

Guest lecture: John Sterman, MIT Sloan School

  Homework 3 due
21 Quiz 3     Q and A, office hours
22 Project presentations Term project complete due Homework 3 back Project presentations
23 Project presentations (cont.)    
24-25 Project presentations (cont.)     No recitation

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