1.018J | Fall 2009 | Undergraduate

Ecology I: The Earth System

Lecture Notes

Notes are available for selected lectures below.

1 Introduction: what is ecology? (PDF)
3 How to be alive/thermodynamics of life

(PDF - 1.3MB)

Redox handout (PDF)

Photosynthesis handout (PDF)

4 CI lecture: getting started with the term project (PDF) (Courtesy of Harlan Breindel. Used with permission.)
5-6 Primary productivity I and II (PDF)
7 Biogeochemical cycles (PDF)
10 Limiting factors and Redfield (PDF)
11 Ecosystem experiments/geoengineering (PDF)
12 Secondary productivity/food webs (PDF)
13 Population growth

Introduction (PDF)

Slides (PDF)

14 Chemostats/life tables


Chemostat handout (PDF)

17 Competition and the niche (PDF)
18 Predation/symbiosis/mutualism (PDF)

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