1.018J | Fall 2009 | Undergraduate

Ecology I: The Earth System


Term paper 85%  
1 Topic submission 0% Lec #3
2 Project description 10% Lec #7
3 Introduction 25% Lec #11
4 Experimental design/proposal 25% Lec #15
5 Complete final paper 40% Lec #22
Project presentation 15% Lec #22-25

Term project instructions (PDF)

Project description instructions (PDF)

All student work is used with permission.

A proposal for limited implementation of a sunshade to evaluate the effects of albedo modification on global biogeochemical cycles (PDF)
Testing the unintended consequences of lignin reduction in genetically modified trees on trophic interactions (PDF)
Investigation of the effects of stratospheric sulfur injection on terrestrial autotroph productivity via experimentation with diffuse radiation controlled greenhouses (PDF)
The unintended consequences of sulfate aerosols in the troposphere and lower stratosphere (PDF)
Assessing excess carbon emissions and soil toxicity as unintended consequences in applying biochar as a geoengineering scheme (PDF)

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