Term paper 85%  
1 Topic submission 0% Lec #3
2 Project description 10% Lec #7
3 Introduction 25% Lec #11
4 Experimental design/proposal 25% Lec #15
5 Complete final paper 40% Lec #22
Project presentation 15% Lec #22-25

Term project instructions ( PDF)

Project description instructions ( PDF)

All student work is used with permission.

A proposal for limited implementation of a sunshade to evaluate the effects of albedo modification on global biogeochemical cycles ( PDF)
Testing the unintended consequences of lignin reduction in genetically modified trees on trophic interactions ( PDF)
Investigation of the effects of stratospheric sulfur injection on terrestrial autotroph productivity via experimentation with diffuse radiation controlled greenhouses ( PDF)
The unintended consequences of sulfate aerosols in the troposphere and lower stratosphere ( PDF)
Assessing excess carbon emissions and soil toxicity as unintended consequences in applying biochar as a geoengineering scheme ( PDF)

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