1 Introduction
2 Project Financing and Evaluation
3 Tools for Project Evaluation
4 Dealing with Uncertainty: Concepts and Tools
5 Project Organization
6 Delivery Methods (cont.), Payment and Award Techniques
7 Award Methods and Project Estimation I
8 Detailed Estimation and Pumpstation Overview
9 Planning and Deterministic Scheduling
10 Deterministic Planning II and Probabilistic Planning I
11 Probabilistic Planning II
12 Simulation and Resource-Based Scheduling
13 Basics of Cost and Schedule Monitoring
14 EVA (C/SCSC) and Basics of Project Control
15 Problem Diagnosis and Introduction to Project Dynamics
16 System and Change Dynamics
17 Risk Management II, Quality Monitoring and Control, and Project Learning
18 Reviews (cont.), Audits, Changes and Disputes

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