1.050 | Fall 2007 | Undergraduate

Engineering Mechanics I

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MATLAB® Tutorials

The MATLAB® tutorial and files are courtesy of the course TA, J. Alberto Ortega, and are used with permission.

MATLAB® Tutorial (PDF)

Recitation 1 (M)

Recitation 2 (M)

Recitation 3 (M)


Buckingham, E. “On Physically Similar Systems: Illustrations of the Use of Dimensional Equations.” Physical Review 4 (1914): 345-376.

Original paper on the Buckingham π-theorem; not required for the class but listed here in case you are interested.

Halsey, Thomas C., and Alex J. Levine. “How Sandcastles Fall.” Physical Review Letters 80, no. 14 (1998): 3141-3144.