1.061 | Fall 2008 | Undergraduate

Transport Processes in the Environment

Lecture Notes

3. Diffusion of an Instantaneous Point Source: Animations

The animations were generated with MATLAB software.

Directions: Click on the images to begin the animation.

Anisotropic diffusion in two dimensions output of MATLAB software.

This animation depicts the diffusion of a discrete mass released at (x = 0, y = 0, t = 0). The diffusion is anisotropic, Dx = 4 Dy. The length scales grow in proportion to the square root of the diffusion, such that the dimensions of the cloud are anisotropic, with Lx = 2 Ly. Note that the profiles of concentration along the x- and y-axes are Gaussian in shape. For some background and thought problems pertaining to this animation, review the theory (page 6) behind the diffusion of instantaneous, point releases.

* Note to Unix users: the animation opens up behind active windows.

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