1.061 | Fall 2008 | Undergraduate

Transport Processes in the Environment

Lecture Notes

4. Boundary Conditions

The animations were generated with MATLAB software.

Directions: Click on the images to begin the animation.

Boundary conditions animation.

Boundary conditions animation output of MATLAB software.

The following animation examines the evolution of concentration after a slug mass is released mid-way between solid, parallel boundaries. Two scenarios are considered, perfectly absorbing and no-flux boundaries. For each system the concentration field is displayed in the plane z = 0. In addition, the concentration profile C(x = 0, y, z = 0) for each system is plotted for comparison on a single graph. For some background and thought problems pertaining to this animation, review the theory (page 8) behind modeling the effect of no-flux and perfectly absorbing boundaries.

* Note to Unix users: the animation opens up behind active windows.

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