This course is designed to teach students about the roles of today’s professional engineer and expose them to team-building skills through lectures, team workshops, assignments, and seminars.

Meeting Times


This course will meet twice per week for lecture. Lectures will consist of staff presentations on course topics.


In addition to the lecture times, this course meets once per week for approximately two hours. Seminars will include lunch. Outside professionals will lecture on a topic relevant to their company and expertise.


How the Profession is Run

Outside professionals will give seminars relating their experiences and knowledge. Topics discussed will include getting work, responding to requests for proposals, project evaluation, management conflict resolution and negotiation. There will be a presentation and discussion on professional ethics for engineers, with a corresponding class exercise. Other assignments in this section are the “Chase an Engineer” exercise and profiling an industry company.

Personal Professional Skills

This course seeks to improve written and oral communication through practice presentations and critique. Other major topics include career self-advocacy, library skills, professional registration, and job searching skills, including resume writing, networking, and an interview workshop.

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Fall 2007
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