1.221J | Fall 2004 | Graduate

Transportation Systems


Reading material for this subject consists of three elements: 

  • Text: Introduction to Transportation Systems by Joseph M. Sussman
  • A reader, and
  • Various handouts given in class

Required Reading


Sussman, Joseph. Introduction to Transportation Systems. Norwood, MA: Artech House Publishers, 2000. ISBN: 1580531415.

As students of transportation, we would expect you will read every word of this text at least once. How the chapters in the text are keyed to the lectures is noted below. As this text grew out of the teaching of this subject, it supports and supplements the lectures.

A second text by the instructor may also be useful:

Sussman, Joseph. Perspectives on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). New York, NY: Springer, 2005. ISBN: 0387232575.


The materials below outside of the text are considered the reader for this subject. Materials in the reader are all required reading.


We will regularly distribute articles and newspaper clippings in class. By doing this, we hope to keep you abreast of current and developing issues in transportation as well as encourage you to get in the habit of reading newspapers and magazines from a transportation perspective. Sometimes we will include an article not explicitly on transportation to stretch your thinking. Occasionally we will ask that you read an article in preparation for discussion in the next class and, in these cases, the material should be considered required. However, most of the time these articles are provided strictly for your information and required reading should take higher priority. In addition, from time to time an article will be distributed “just for fun”. We hope that it will be clear to you which ones these are.

Required Reading List by Block

I. Introduction / Philosophy / Basic Transportation Systems Concepts (Lectures 1-10)


Introduction to Transportation Systems. Chapters 1-11.


Sussman, Joseph M. “Educating the ‘New Transportation Professional.’” ITS Quarterly (Summer 1995): 3-10.

TRB Executive Committee. “Critical Issues in Transportation 2002.” TR News 217 (November-December 2001): 4-11.

II. Freight Transportation (Lectures 11-18)


Introduction to Transportation Systems. Chapters 12-20.


Martland, Carl D. “Rail Freight Service Productivity from the Manager’s Perspective.” Transportation Research 26A, no. 6 (1992): 457-469.

Sussman, Joseph M. “Transportation’s Rich History and Challenging Future–Moving Goods.” Transportation Research Circular 461 (August 1996): 13-19.

III. Traveler Transportation (Lectures 19-27)


Introduction to Transportation Systems. Chapters 21-30.


Hoel, Lester A. “Historical Overview of U.S. Passenger Transportation.” Transportation Research Circular 461 (August 1996): 7-11.

Thompson, Louis S. “High Speed Rail in the United States–Why Isn’t There More?” Japan Railway and Transport Review 3 (October 1994): 32-39.

“To Travel Hopefully: A Survey of Commuting.” The Economist, Special Section (September 5, 1998): 1-18.

IV. Summary (Lecture 28)


Sussman, Joseph M. “Transitions in the World of Transportation.” Transportation Quarterly 56, no. 1 (Winter 2002). Eno Transportation Foundation, Washington, DC, 2002.

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