1.225J | Fall 2002 | Graduate

Transportation Flow Systems

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)
Cumulative Plots and Time-Space Diagrams (PDF)
Cumulative Diagrams: An Example (PDF)
Cumulative Diagrams: Figures (PDF)
2 Modeling Air Traffic Flows (PDF) Example for Lecture (XLS)
3 Modeling Road Traffic Flown on a Link (PDF) Data (XLS)
Car Following Models (PDF)
4 Introduction to Network Models and Shortest Paths (PDF)  
5 Assignment on Traffic Networks (PDF)  
6 Introduction to Optimization (PDF)  
7 Freeway Traffic Control: Pre-timed, Coordinated Ramp Metering (PDF)  
8 Delays in Probabilistic Models: Elements from Queueing Theory (PDF) Example for Lecture (PDF)
9 Simulation Models (PDF) Queueing Simulation (XLS)
Queue SimVar Reduct (XLS)
Queue 1 (XLS)
Queue 2 (XLS)
10 Control of Isolated Traffic Signals (PDF)  
11 Traffic Flow Models, and Traffic Flow Management in Road Networks (PDF) Shortest Paths from Node 2 to All Nodes (PDF)
12 Traffic Flow Wrap-up (PDF)  
13 Wrap-up (PDF)