1.731 | Fall 2006 | Graduate

Water Resource Systems

Lecture Notes

Introduction, Optimization Concepts

Introduction (PDF)

Example: Irrigation and Salination

irrigation.m (M)
2 Linear Algebra Review (PDF)  
3 General Optimization Concepts (PDF)  
4 General Optimization Concepts (cont.) (PDF)  
5 Optimality Conditions (PDF)  
6 Optimality Conditions (cont.)  
Optimization Methods
7 Linear Programming Overview (PDF)  
8 Duality, Linear Programming Solution Strategies  
9 Linear Programming Sensitivity Analysis (PDF)  
10 Quadratic Programming  
11 Differential Constraints (PDF)  
12 Nonlinear Programming Algorithms (PDF)  
13 Nonlinear Programming Algorithms (cont.)  
Economic Aspects
14 Optimization over Time, Discounting (PDF)  
15 Multiobjective Optimization, Utility, Risk Aversion (PDF)  
16 Supply and Demand, Groundwater Management (PDF)  
Water Resource Applications/Case Studies
17 River Basin Planning - Screening (PDF)  
18 River Basin Planning - Simulation  
19 Real-time Optimization, Dynamic Programming (PDF)  
20 Real-time Optimization, Dynamic Programming (cont.)  
21 Capacity Expansion (PDF)

Lecture06_21.m (M)

22 Common Pool Problems  
23 Variational and Adjoint Methods, Data Assimilation (PDF)  
24 Review  
25 Project Presentations  
26 Project Presentations (cont.)