1.731 | Fall 2006 | Graduate

Water Resource Systems


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session


This subject is concerned with quantitative methods for analyzing large-scale water resource problems. Topics covered include the design and management of facilities for river basin development, flood control, water supply, groundwater remediation, and other activities related to water resources. Simulation models and optimization methods are often used to support analyses of water resource problems. In this subject we will be constructing simulation models with the MATLAB® programming language and solving numerical optimization problems with the GAMS optimization package. It is desirable for students taking this subject to have some background in hydrology, linear algebra and programming, although these are not strict prerequisites.


There will be an in-class midterm exam and an in-class final exam. There will also be a class project which will be carried out during the second half of the semester. Homework will be designed to build skills. The grade will be based on exams, project, and homework. A detailed schedule is provided in the calendar section.

Exams 50%
Project 30%
Homework 20%