This class is a year long projects based course where students spend many weeks working on their own. The students meet at regular intervals with the instructors and other students to discuss and critique their work, as outlined in the table below.

1 Projects Presented to Students
2 Projects Presented to Students (cont.)
3 Students Choose Projects (1st, 2nd, 3rd Choices)
4 Projects Assigned

Students Form Teams

6 Group Letters of Intent Due
10 Draft Proposals (Written and Oral) Presented to “Upper Management”
14 Final Proposals (Written and Oral) Presented to “Client”
15 Student Critiques of Oral Presentations Due
18-21 Travel to Field Sites
25-29 Informal Oral Progress Reports
32 Projects Presented Orally to the Public
33 Draft Project Reports Due
36 Final Project Reports (and Theses) Due

Course Info

Learning Resource Types
Projects with Examples
Written Assignments with Examples