Homework Philosophy (PDF)

Homework Submission Guidelines (PDF)

LaTeX Template for Homework (ZIP) (This zip file contains: 1 .png, 1 .tex file and 1 . pdf file.)

Sample Homework Solutions (PDF)

Tips on Writing Faster MATLAB® Code (PDF)

Download TeXstudio - Because LaTeX is open source software, there are many packages available. TeXstudio is one we recommend but feel free to try others.

Install MikTeX - Windows users will need to install MikTeX in addition to TeXstudio to run LaTeX on your computer.


Homework 0 on MATLAB and Linear Algebra (PDF) (Max points = 60)

Reading for problem 3: Bao, Jie, and Moungi G. Bawendi. “A Colloidal Quantum Dot Spectrometer.” Nature 523, no. 7558 (2015): 67–70.

Problem 1 Starter Code (M)

Homework 0 P1 Code (M)

Homework 0 P2 Code (M)

Homework 0 P3 Code (M)

1 Homework 1 on Linear Algebra (PDF) (Max points = 50) Homework 1 Code (M)
2 Homework 2 on Systems of Nonlinear Equations (PDF) (Max points = 50)

Function Evaluator (M)

Homework 2 P1 Code (M)

Homework 2 P2 Code (M)

Homework 2 P3 Code (M)

3 Homework 3 on Optimization (PDF) (Max points = 50) Homework 3 P2 Code (M) 
4 Homework 4 on Initial Value Problems (PDF) (Max points = 50)

Homework 4 P1 Code (ZIP) (This zip file contains: 4 .m files.)

Homework 4 P2 Code (ZIP)

The Jacobian_Solve Code (M)

The ODE_plotter Code (M)

Homework 4 P3 Code (ZIP) (This zip file contains: 6 .m files.)

5 Homework 5 on Differential-algebraic Equations (PDF) (Max points = 20)

Homework 5 P1 Code (M)

Homework 5 P2 Code (M)

6 Homework 6 on Boundary Value Problems (PDF) (Max points = 20)

Homework 6 P1 Code (M)

Homework 6 P2 Code (ZIP) (This zip file contains: 3 .m files.)

7 Homework 7 on Partial Differential Equations (PDF) (Max points = 10) Homework 7 Code (M) 
8 Homework 8 on Probability Theory, Models vs. Data (PDF) (Max points = 10)

Homework 8 Code (M)

Homework 8 Data Set (XLS)

9 Homework 9 on Monte Carlo Methods (PDF) (Max points = 20) Homework 9 Code (M)

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