These memos describe the batch process design project for Diversified Chemical Products. They are of a vague, open-ended nature, so you will have to define the requirements for a solution. The ABACUSS II equation-based simulation program referred to in Memos 5-10 is unavailable.


Course Goals and Requirements

Introduction to Batch Processing


Lucretex Project

Project Team Assignments

Memo 1 (PDF)
L3 Data Request for Reaction Kinetics

Memo 2 (PDF)

Memo 3 (PDF)

L4 Laboratory Kinetic Data and Curve-fitting  
L5 Batch Reactor Modeling Memo 4 (PDF)
L6-L8 Reactor Model in ABACUSS Memo 5 (PDF)
L9 Batch Distillation Memo 6 (PDF)
L10 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Models

Memo 7 (PDF)

Appendix (PDF)

L11-L12 Batch Distillation in ABACUSS  
L13 Base Case Simulation

Memo 8 (PDF)

Memo 9 (PDF)

L14-L16 Batch Process Scheduling  
L17 Batch Process Economics

Memo 10 (PDF)

Engineering Economics (PDF)(Courtesy of Kangyi Mao. Used with permission.)

L18-L22 Safety, Environmental Issues, Optimization Project Work

Final Report Guidelines (PDF)

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