1 Overview, Aims of Course, Shower Process, Feedback Structure  
2 Material and Energy Balance Model, Linearizing Equations  
3 Scaled Deviation Variables, Matrix Operations  
4 The Relative Gain Array, Variable Pairing Problem set 1 due
5 The Disturbance Cost, Manipulated Variable Sizing Problem set 2 due
6 Proportional Control Algorithm, Dynamic Simulation  
7 Simulation Results, Offset Phenomenon, Limitations of Linear Model Problem set 3 due
8 Comparing RGA, DC, and Simulation Results  
9 Review the Design Process, Overview of Detailed Design Process Problem set 4 due
10 Heat Exchanger Network, Heat Recovery Scheme  
11 Steady-state Model, Numerical Linearization Problem set 5 due
12 Computing RGA and DC for Network  
13 Modified Schemes to Improve Controllability of Network Problem set 6 due
14 Updating RGA and DC for Process Dynamics  
15 Review the Design Process (again) Problem set 7 due
16 Process Simulators  
17 Beyond the Scope – What These Methods Miss Problem set 8 due
18 TBA  
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Fall 2004