Lecture Notes

1 Overview, Aims of Course, Shower Process, Feedback Structure (PDF)
2 Material and Energy Balance Model, Linearizing Equations  
3 Scaled Deviation Variables, Matrix Operations (PDF)
4 The Relative Gain Array, Variable Pairing  
5 The Disturbance Cost, Manipulated Variable Sizing  
6 Proportional Control Algorithm, Dynamic Simulation (PDF)
7 Simulation Results, Offset Phenomenon, Limitations of Linear Model  
8 Comparing RGA, DC, and Simulation Results  
9 Review the Design Process, Overview of Detailed Design Process  
10 Heat Exchanger Network, Heat Recovery Scheme (PDF)
11 Steady-state Model, Numerical Linearization  
12 Computing RGA and DC for Network  
13 Modified Schemes to Improve Controllability of Network  
14 Updating RGA and DC for Process Dynamics  
15 Review the Design Process (again)  
16 Process Simulators  
17 Beyond the Scope – What These Methods Miss (PDF)
18 TBA  
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Fall 2004