Lecture Notes

lec # TOPICS lecture notes
1 Course Overview, Enzyme Classification (PDF)
2 Enzyme Catalysts: Review of Protein Chemistry, Enzyme Specificity (PDF)

Lecture 3

Non-kinetic Evaluation of Enzyme Performance, Review of Enzyme Kinetics

Lecture 4

Enzyme Kinetics (cont.), pH and Temperature Effects, Enzyme Stability


Lecture 5 
Enzyme Inhibition and Toxicity

Lecture 6 
Enzyme Inhibition and Toxicity (cont.)

(PDF 1)

(PDF 2)

(PDF 3)

7 Whole Cell Catalysts: When/Why, Cell Growth vs. Conversion  

Control of Protein Expression (Growth/Non-growth Associated, Catabolite Repression)

Toxicity and Inhibition


Lecture 9
Engineering Solutions: Acidic/Basic Products, Exothermic Reactions, Enzyme Instability, Equilibrium Reactions

Lecture 10
Substrate Solubility, Toxicity

Lecture 11

Product Solubility, Toxicity

Yield Improvement of Resolutions


Lecture 12

Process Design for Biocatalytic Processes: Purified Enzymes

Lecture 13

Process Design (cont.): Whole Cells

Lecture 14

Screening for New Catalysts


Lecture 15

Improving Catalyst Performance (Biological Solutions): Review of Molecular Biology

Lecture 16

Cloning from Whole Cell Catalysts

Lecture 17

Site-directed Mutagenesis

Directed Evolution of Enzymes

18 Presentations of Design/Development Reports  

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