10.805J | Spring 2006 | Graduate

Technology, Law, and the Working Environment


There are two sources of materials for the course:

Chapters in a published textbook, referred to as ‘Text’ which is Ashford, Nicholas A., and Charles C. Caldart. Technology, Law and the Working Environment. Revised ed. Washington, DC: Island Press, 1996. ISBN: 9781559634465.

Galleys’ from chapters in a soon-to-be-published textbook by Ashford, Nicholas A., and Charles C. Caldart. Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics. (Forthcoming 2007)

1 The Nature of the Harm and Options for Regulatory Intervention Galleys of “Nature and Assessment of the Harm.” Chapter 2 in Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics. Forthcoming 2007. Read sections A through C.
2 Administrative Law Text: Chapter 2, plus section I.C. of the Hodgson case in Chapter 3, pp. 107-110.
3 Risk Assessment Galleys: Chapter 2. Read sections D and E.
4 Regulation of Labor-Management Relations Under the NLRA Text: Chapter 6.
5 Toxics Information Transfer in the Workplace Text: Chapter 7.
6 Economic Issues in Occupational Health and Safety Text: Chapter 5.
  First Exam  
7 Retaliatory Employment Practices Text: Chapter 8.
8 The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 Text: Chapter 3, pp. 91-147, 160-173, and 183-191. Also read Sections 1 through 6, 11, and 13 of the OSHAct.
9 The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 Text: Chapter 4, pp. 193-228. Also read Sections 1 through 7, and 19 through 21, of TSCA.
10 Biotechnology: Biogenetic Monitoring Text: “Exclusion from The Workplace Because of Presumed Sensitivity To Workplace Hazards.” Chapter 8, pp. 425-446.
11 Consumer and Workplace Products Text: “Suits Against Manufacturers.” Chapter 9, pp. 469-478 and “Indoor Air.” Chapter 10, pp. 528-530.
12 Compensation for Exposure to Toxic Substances Text: Chapter 9, pp. 447-469 and 478-500.
13 Pollution Prevention/Toxics Use Reduction and Primary Accident Prevention Galleys: Chapter 12.
  Second Exam