11.005 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate

Introduction to International Development


Weekly Memos and Responses

The class will be divided randomly into two groups: Group A and Group B. In each class, one group will write a memo, and the other will write a response to the memos written by their colleagues. The groups will alternate writing memos and responses. These assignments are to be based on the required readings for each class.

Every student will have the opportunity to skip two weekly memos and two weekly memo responses for the semester. Students are free to choose which week they skip. Students will not be required to hand in memos or memo responses on the days that we have other assignments due.

Weekly Memo

Students must write 300 words (based on this memo template (PDF)) providing summary and critical analysis of the readings assigned for the day. Each group will write one memo per week. These are due 24 hours before class.

Weekly Memo Response

A paragraph-long comment each student makes on one of the memos posted by a student of the other group. Students will have the 24 hours before class (i.e., between when the other group turns their memos in and when class begins) to post their comments about that class’s memos. Each group will write one memo response per week.