Math & Science Education

Week #5


  • Math education
  • Tinkering Toward Utopia presentation and Current Events (PDF)


  • Suggested questions to guide reading (PDF)
  • [Learn] = Mathematics section.
  • Garfunkel, Sol, and David Mumford. “How to Fix our Math Education,” The New York Times, August 24, 2011.
  • [Tinkering] = Chapter 1.
  • Stein, Mary Kay, Margaret Schwan Smith, et al. Excerpts in Implementing Standards-Based Mathematics Instruction: A Casebook for Professional Development. Teachers College Press, 2009. ISBN: 9780807749579.


  • First blog entry (due Week #6): First observations/Reactions.

    You should write five blog entries over the course of the semester. Choose one thing to focus on and write one paragraph. Briefly describe the context for each class you observed (e.g., grade level, subject, topic), and consider one of the following questions: What kinds of activities were the students doing? What kinds of teaching methods did the teacher use? How were these methods effective or ineffective? How were they appropriate or inappropriate for the students that were in the class? What could have been done differently or more effectively in the class?


  • Theory and Practice: Teaching and Learning in Mathematics (PDF)
  • Four Tasks (PDF)
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