11.129 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate

Educational Theory and Practice I


Journal Reflection #1

Students were asked to write a reflective paper based on the following topics:

Topic I

You shared ‘significant moments’ that you experienced in the classroom as you went through school. What were some common themes in terms of the best and worst experiences that people lived through? Are there things to do… and never do when teaching? Can you extend this to the type of teacher you want to become? Any concerns you have?

Topic II

Being aware of who you are and how you learn will give you more awareness and control over how you develop into the teacher you want to become. Reflect on your own learning.

What kind of learner were you in middle school and then in high school and now? What motivated you? What kind of teaching was effective for you and when were you turned off in the classroom? Does this raise any flags for you as to how you plan to approach your own teaching?

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