11.129 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate

Educational Theory and Practice I


Journal Reflection #2

Topic I

Comment on the following questions from Expectations and Trust in the Classroom (PDF):

  • Should a teacher have different expectations for students with different academic performance levels? 
  • How do you balance student effort and quality of work when grading?

Topic II

Comment on your readings concerning classroom discipline. Address the following:

  1. How would you respond if students in your class picked on a boy named Larry? Larry often came to school in dirty clothes and had body odor. The students shunned Larry (no one wanted to be his lab partner or do group work with him). You overheard the students teasing Larry in the cafeteria. Discuss several options you might employ (i.e. First thing I’d do. If that did not work, then I would…).
  2. Respond to the statement: “All misbehavior is the result of a discouraged student’s attempt to find a place and gain status in the classroom.”
  3. What did you find most useful in the discipline chapter in The Skillful Teacher? What strategies do you think you might employ? What are the guidelines/ basic principles that will guide you as you decide on the discipline strategies you will use in your classroom?
  4. What did you find least useful or disagreed with in this chapter?
  5. Have you ever been in a situation where you were the disciplinarian? If so were you comfortable in that role? Explain. What kind of disciplinarian are you?

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