11.129 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate

Educational Theory and Practice I


1 Introduction / Setting Academic Expectations  
2 Creating a Strong Classroom Climate Personal statement
3 Creating Independent Learners Self analysis of learning style
4 Special Education Seminar I: Introduction  
5 Creating Classroom Structure  
6 Creating Classroom Routines  
7 Setting Classroom Behavioral Expectations Analysis of discipline scenarios
8 Maintaining Classroom Discipline  
9 Curriculum Design: Part I  
10 Curriculum Design Practice: Part II  

Special Education Seminar II

Perspective of special education teacher

12 Assessment: Introduction Analysis of class observation / teaching techniques employed / strengths and weaknesses
13 Assessment Design  

Standardized testing

MCAS Design and Student Preparation

15 Classroom Management: Ses #1

Formal reflective paper 1 due: Teaching and learning practice

16 Classroom Management: Ses #2  
17 Classroom Management: Ses #3  
18 Classroom Management: Ses #4  
19 Classroom Management: Ses #5  
20 Classroom Management: Ses #6  
21 Common Core Standards and Implications for MCAS Testing  

Special Education Seminar III

Teaching Practice in the Science Classroom

23 Best Practice—Differentiated Instruction Introduction  
24 Best Practice—Differentiated Instruction Applied to Indepdent Activities Period (IAP) Class

Prepracticum logs

Reflective journal

25 Preparation for IAP Teaching

Formal reflective paper 2 due

Curriculum project

26 Preparation for IAP Teaching (cont.)  

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