11.201 | Fall 2005 | Graduate

Gateway: Planning Action


The calendar below shows regular lecture sessions (L), review sessions (R), workshops (W), special sessions (S), assignment and final exam due dates, and other key dates.

Unit One: Introduction to Planning Traditions and Dilemmas - Prof. de Souza Briggs
L1 Course Overview, What is Planning, Learning from Theory and from Context (Cases)

W1 Part One: Required Workshop on Professional Communication

L2 Major Planning Traditions and Global Influences Assignment 1 due
L3 From Traditions to Dilemmas

W2 Part Two: Required Workshop on Professional Communication

Unit Two: (Case 1) Public Housing Redevelopment in Boston - Prof. Vale
L4 Case Introduction: Expert vs. Indigenous Knowledge; Power and Limits of Physical Design; Planning in Diverse Contexts (Race and Class)

R1 Review Session - Same Classroom, Remaining Reviews

L5 Case Discussion (cont.)

L6 Student Briefings Assignment 2 due
R2 Review Session

L7 Revisiting Planning Theory and Action

Unit Three: (Case 2) Development and Mobilization - Narmada in India - Prof. Rajagopal
L8 Case Introduction: Planning from Above vs. Planning from Below (Social Mobilization); Planning in a Global/Transnational Age; Planning Politics

S1 Required Film on Narmada: Multiple Screenings

L9 Case Discussion (cont.)

R3 Review Session

L10 Student Briefings Assignment 3 due
L11 Revisiting Planning Theory and Action

Unit Four: (Case 3) The Growth Machine and the Public Interest - Reinventing the Anacostia Waterfront in Washington, DC - Andrew Altman, MCP ‘88
L12 Case Introduction: Comprehensiveness vs. Incrementalism; The City as Growth Machine; Power and Limits of Physical Design

Guest Lecturer: Andrew Altman, MCP ‘88

L13 Case Discussion (cont.)

R4 Review Session

L14 Student Briefings Assignment 4 due
L15 Revisiting Planning Theory and Action

Unit Five: Stakeholders, Agreements, and Planners in the Middle
L16 Negotiation and Facilitation: Stakeholder Analyses, Conflict and Consensus, Interested Parties vs. Neutrals

S2 Out-of-class Negotiation Exercise, In Assigned Groups

L17 Debrief Negotiation Exercise

Unit Six: Human Diversity and Cities of Tomorrow
L18 Cities of Tomorrow, your Role and your Education Final exam distributed
L19 Course Review Review of themes, final exam is discussed
L20 Final Exam Submit final exam
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