The calendar below provides information on the course’s lectures (L), recitation (R) and project presentation (P) sessions.

Part One: Constructing Arguments: Visual Representation and Analysis
L1 The Planner’s Toolbox
Project I Assigned

R1 Macromedia® Dreamweaver® I
Lab 1 Assigned

L2 Planning a Web Site

R2 Adobe® Photoshop®
Lab 2 Assigned
Lab 1 due
L3 The Photographic Essay

R3 Dreamweaver® and Photoshop®

Part Two: Spatial Data Representation and Analysis 
L4 Change Over Time

R4 Microsoft® Excel
Lab 3 Assigned
Lab 2 due
Lab 4 Assigned
Lab 3 due
L5 Top Down GIS

R6 Microsoft® Access
Lab 5 Assigned
Lab 4 due
L6 Bottom Up GIS

R7 ArcGIS™ and Access
Lab 6 Assigned
Lab 5 due
Part Three: Presenting Visual Arguments
L7 Web Portfolio Critique

R8 Introduction to Project 2 Lab 6 due
L8 Optional Session - Spatial Data Acquisition via MassGIS Project 1 due
R9 Project Work

L9 Optional Session - Capturing and Editing Digital Video

R10 Project Work (cont.)

L10 Optional Session - Advanced Photoshop® and Dreamweaver®

R11 Project Work (cont.)

P1 Student Presentations (4 groups) Project 2 due
P2 Student Presentations (6 groups)


Feedback on Group Presentation and Web Portfolios

Course Evaluations and Wrap-up

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