Recitations seek to parallel Monday’s lectures. However, recitations focus on skill-building through an introduction to a variety of software packages and computing devices. For example, the first lab-related recitation speaks to the history and use of the world wide web, followed by a demonstration of how to build and post a basic web page using Macromedia’s® Dreamweaver®. To capture and manipulate images for the web-based portfolio, students will use digital cameras, scanners, and Adobe’s® Photoshop®. Over the next several weeks and through a series of laboratory exercises, students will also learn to use Microsoft’s® Access to manage and analyze data. Finally, they will also experiment with ESRI’s ArcGIS™ to create maps and create spatial representations.

Class will be held for 1.5 hours, but the laboratories are reserved for an additional ½ hour if you have the desire to continue working.

Part One Constructing Arguments: Visual Representation and Analysis
1 Macromedia® Dreamweaver® (PDF)
2 Adobe® Photoshop® (PDF)
3 Dreamweaver® and Photoshop® (PDF)
Part Two Spatial Data Representation and Analysis

Microsoft® Excel

Sample Data Microsoft® Excel

Sample Data Microsoft® Access





ESRI ArcGIS™ Notes




6 Microsoft® Access (PDF)
7 ArcGIS™ and Access (PDF)
Part Three Presenting Visual Argument
8 Introduction to Project 2 (PDF)
9 Project Work (PDF - 2.0 MB)
10 Project Work (PDF)
11 Project Work  

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