11.307 | Summer 2008 | Graduate

Beijing Urban Design Studio

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This section contains the site photos shown to students before the start of the studio. Sites 1 through 4 were originally panoramic photographs; they have each been split into four images here. Note that these site numbers do not correspond to those in Assignment 1.

Factory scene with many smokestacks.Roads and train tracks.Several buildings in a row.More smokestacks and factory buildings.Pagoda-influenced building with two cars out front.
Small parking area, smaller pagoda building, and part of an entryway.The rest of the entryway, and bare trees.Building viewed from the side, likely a worker’s dormitory.View across a river, with smokestacks and factory buildings in the background.View across river, featuring several large smokestacks.
View across river, to general factory scene.View across river, to smokestacks and bare trees.Factory scene on a foggy day.Trees in foreground, buildings and smokestacks beyond.More fog and factory buildings.
Edge of factory, with unused land beyond.Alleyway lined with small brick and cement buildings.Train tracks in winter.

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