11.309J | Fall 2003 | Graduate

Sites in Sight: Photography as Inquiry


1 Reading and Telling Landscape
2 Site Selection due by 5PM
3 Light I
4 Light II

Light Assignment due in class.

5 “Knowing Where to Stand”

Compton Gallery. Exhibit opening 5:30-7:30.

6 Elements of Landscape Language
7 Significant Detail
8 The Context of Place

Detail Assignment due in class.

9 Field Trip to Nahant

There will be an all-day field trip to Nahant. We will combine an overview of digital printing in the studio and shooting along the shores of Massachusetts Bay and Boston Harbor.

10 Landscapes Poetics
11 Images and Words

Poetics Assignment due in class.

12 Meetings with Individual Students

Storyboard draft of photo essay due in meeting.

13 Landscape Narratives
14 Meetings with Individual Students

Draft of website photo essay due online for meeting.

Final Photo Essay due in online gallery two days before session #15.

15-16 Review of Photo Essays in Online Galleries

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