11.310J | Fall 2002 | Graduate

Media Technology and City Design and Development


Lec # Topics Due
1 Stories and their Significance for Communities, Designers, and Planners Reading: Digital Storytelling Cookbook; review entire text; at the minimum, read pp. 1-24.
2 Telling Your Story in Words and Images First draft of story on being a designer/planner. Bring text to class (the equivalent of a 3-minute script) and at least one image suitable for scanning.
3   Prepare for the lab on Adobe Premiere by working through the steps on pages 42-72 and 87-94 in the Digital Storytelling Cookbook.
4 Screening: On Being a Designer/Planner Personal Stories Working rough cut of your digital story with audio track and images. The rough cut should include synchronization of audio track and images, but need not include transitions (fade-in/fade-out, etc.) between images.
5 Field Trip to Camfield Estates (date to be confirmed) Reading: Camfield Estates packet.
6   Revised script and work plan for personal story and list of needs (sound track, images, etc.). Submit via email by October.
7 Planning/Designing Camfield Estates: What Story(ies) Should Be Told? One page concept paper on the planning story in the Camfield Estates story.
8 Planning/Designing Camfield Estates: Telling the Stories Storyboards for each episode. Work plan and list of needs (images, sound track, other) for each episode.
9 Camfield Estates: Telling the Stories and Putting them Together Script, selected images, and revised storyboards for each episode.
10 Camfield Estates: Is There a Larger Story? Final script and remaining images. Bring revised storyboards.
11 Lab Session Submit final script and story board for individual personal stories.
12 Production Workshop for Camfield Estates Story Rough cut of Camfield Estates episodes with audio and images integrated in Premiere timeline, including some transitions and special effects.
13 Preview: “Camfield Estates: Designers/Planners and Community” Full working version of Camfield Estates story.
14 Screening: Camfield Estates: Designers/Planners and Community Final version of Camfield Estates digital story.
15 Preview Screening: Reflections on Being a Designer/Planner Full working version of your personal digital story, with audio, images, transitions.
16 Reflections on Being a Designer/Planner Final personal digital story. Final journal reflecting on the semester.