11.360 | Fall 2006 | Graduate

Community Growth and Land Use Planning


Part I: Fundamentals: Land Use Planning, Regulation, and Growth Management
Week 1: Introduction
1 Course Introduction

Week 2: Project Introduction and Start-up
2 Community Planning Project Introduced

3 Discussion of Client Project Project teams formed
Week 3: Planning for Growth and Zoning Controls
4 Land Use Planning and Regulation - An Overview

5 Zoning Controls - The Basics

Week 4: Making a Plan: Where to Begin?
6 Plan-making at the Community Level

7 Imaging Medford’s Riverfront Teams present findings
Week 5: Visioning; The Growth Management System: Local and Regional Issues
8 Visioning

9 The Growth Management System: Local and Regional Issues

Week 6: Zoning Innovations and Incentives to Broaden Housing Affordability
10 Incentive - Based Techniques and Methods to Broaden Housing Affordability Preliminary plan findings will be presented by project teams to our client and the public the second week of October
Part II: Neighborhood Planning and Place-making: Trends, Methods and Approaches
Week 7: Neighborhood Planning: History and Future Directions
11 The Neighborhood Unit Historical Perspective

12 Neighborhood Economic Development Planning: Tools and Prospects

Week 8: Community Design, Placemaking, Form - Based Codes
13 Community Design, New Urbanism, and Alternative Regulatory Approaches. What’s Applicable to the Medford Project?

14 Project Workshop Day

Part III: Planning and Designing Responsive Environments
Week 9: Landscape Planning, Riverfronts and Corridor Parks
15 Landscape Planning History and Current Approaches

16 Ecological Considerations and Waterfronts

Week 10: Sprawl, The Strip, and Smart Development
17 Thwarting Sprawl, Smart Growth, and the Evolution of Suburbia

Week 11: Linking Land Use and Transportation
18 The Mobility Challenge for Planning, Transit-oriented and Infill Development

19 Street Design and Traffic Calming

Part IV: Integration and Implementation
Week 12: Plan Implementation
20 Project Workshop Day

Week 13: Final Plan Recommendations and Implementation Strategies
21 Project Workshop Day

22 Client Meeting with Project Teams Final plan recommendations will be presented by student project teams to our client and the public the first week of December
Weeks 14 and 15: Final Project Preparation and Synthesis
23 Project Workshop Day Instructors will meet with project teams to discuss project status and provide feedback
24 The Role of Planning and the Planner in Society: Class Wrap-up and Synthesis

25 Submission of Final Plan Reports Written plans and reports due

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