The calendar for this class is presented both in the table below and in its original format here. (PDF)

1 Introductions and course outline  
2 Site visit and client meeting #1  
3 Review 1: Brownfields and real estate  
4 Review 2: Brownfields and real estate (cont.)  
5 Site visit and client meeting #2  
Phase I: Proposal preparation Student proposals due
Proposal review and discussion (1 week) “Notice to proceed”
Phase II: Preliminary scenario development  
6 Reflection meeting  
7 Reflection meeting  
Phase III: Options analysis  
8 Reflection meeting  
9 Reflection meeting  
10   Client review meeting
Phase IV: Options narrowing  
11 Reflection meeting  
12 Reflection meeting  
13   Client review meeting
Phase V: Final option analysis  
14 Reflection meeting  
15 Reflection meeting  
Phase VI: Final report preparation  
16   Final presentation