11.364 | Fall 2010 | Graduate
International Environmental Negotiation


1 Introduction, and global environmental treaty-making: How should we judge the outcomes? (Susskind)  
2 The politics: North-South relations, role of civil society; role of international business interests (Susskind) Response paper 1 due
3 The negotiations: Multi-party negotiations and the problems of treaty enforcement (Susskind)  
4 The science: What role for science and scientists? (Moomaw) Response paper 2 due
5 Simulation activity: The chlorine game The chlorine game. Students will participate in a 4-5 hour out-of-class simulation of an international negotiation about chlorine-based chemicals.

Climate treaty making: 1988- 2009 (Moomaw)

Discussion of chlorine treaty simulation results (Susskind & Mommaw)

Response paper 3 due

Feedback essay on the chlorine game due

7 Copenhagen evaluations - short student presentations (Susskind & Moomaw) Evaluations of the Copenhagen Negotiations due
8 Copenhagen evaluations – presentations (cont.) (Susskind & Moomaw)  
9 Status of the Cancun round negotiations (Moomaw) Final paper outlines are due
Student Presentations – outlines
10 (Susskind & Moomaw)  
11 (Susskind & Moomaw) Begin summary presentations for students’ final papers
Final Student Presentations
12 (Susskind & Moomaw)  
13 (Susskind & Moomaw)  
14 (Susskind & Moomaw) Final paper due
15 Remaining student presentations/concluding discussions/last possible day to hand in final papers/class dinner  
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