11.384 | Spring 2018 | Graduate

Malaysia Sustainable Cities Practicum

Pre-Travel Tutorial

The Practicum is preceded by a mandatory online tutorial that students are required to complete in the fall to prepare them to interact with citizens and public officials in Malaysia. Practicum students are expected to commit 5+ hours a week during November and December in a guided self-study on Malaysian culture, history, politics, geography, planning and economics. Students write three short response papers based on the assigned readings and are encouraged to integrate any additional readings on Malaysia beyond what is assigned. Students are also required to write a short topical literature review on a theme of their choice that is specific to a Malaysian city of focus.

Practicum students also participate in a short reflective workshop to introduce them to the reflective practice and journaling tools they will use throughout the Practicum.

Assigned readings span the following topics (see the Syllabus) page for specific books, chapters and articles):

  • History and Challenges of Urbanization
  • Reflective Practice
  • Colonial History and Sustainable Development Policy in Malaysia
  • Post-Independence History and Development Planning in Malaysia
  • Urban and Environmental Governance in Malaysia
  • Topical Literature Review and Site-Specific Readings
A  man in a white shirt and a red hat sorts through fish and shrimp on a counter. A few men stand around him.

The leader of a fishing co-op weighs the daily catch of fish and shrimp. (Photo by Sera Tolgay.)